Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5th Annual LIKCG Day of Learning

I am so excited for this weekend!
For members and guests to our Day of Learning event…Welcome! It’s going to be a fun day!

  • Check-in time will be around 8:30am. (I plan to be there between 8-8:15am to set-up.)

  • Mornings classes run from 9AM-12PM

  • Lunch immediately following with enough time to do some shopping as well, with the Local Yarn Shop, Infinite Yarns from Farmingdale. During lunch we will have a few raffle drawings.

  • Afternoon classes run from 2-5:00PM

IMPORTANT: Please fill out the comment surveys regarding your classes. It helps the LIKCG choose instructors and classes that you would be interested in for the future.

Here’s a list of the materials for all the classes, just in case you misplaced your supply list:

1. Candace Eisner Strick - 10 THINGS YOUR MOTHER NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT (3 hrs.) (Morning)
Homework: Knit 2 swatches about 4” wide and 2” long. Keep both on stitch holders and attached yarn.
Supplies to bring to class: About 2 ounces of any weight yarn and appropriately sized needles; one set dpns in same size…

2. Tatyana Mirer -CROCHET EDGINGS (3 hrs.) (Morning)
Supply List/Materials:
• Yarn: Bring light colored sport weight yarn
• Hooks: Crochet hooks in size F or G
• Scissors
• Pencil and paper
• Tape Measure

3. Judy Pascale - SHAPELY SHAWLETTE (3 hrs.) (Morning)

Materials: For Class
• 1/4 of a skein of solid light color fingering weight yarn for beading.
• Size # 8 & # 9 needles either 24” circulars or straight needles can be used for samples.
• Ring markers to identify center.
• Split markers to identify front of Shawlette

Completed Shawlette Materials
• 450 yds (Medium)
• 500 yds (Large)
• Yarn Examples: Koigu or Cherry Tree Hill sock/fingering weight
• JitterBug by Colinette

Variegated yarns make a lovely Shawlette as well.

4. Candace Eisner Strick TWISTING INTO TEXTURE (3 hrs.) (Afternoon)

Supplies to bring to class: worsted weight yarn and appropriately sized needles, graph paper and pencil

5. Barbara Van Elsen - SWIRLS, TWIRLS, AND SPIRALS (3 hrs.) (Afternoon)

Supplies List
• A variety of yarns in one or two colorways, using the following as your base:
• One skein of a smooth yarn in each of two colors.
• Bring at least five other yarns, including some that are fuzzy (mohair, chenille, angora) and some with sparkles or glitz—novelty yarns are good.
• Most of these can be remnants—as small as several yards long. Feel free to bring extra to exchange and share with classmates.
• A pair of short needles—dpns are fine, though they don’t have to be—in size 6,7, or 8.
• If you brought dpn’s, then also please bring the same size (6, 7, or 8) 16” circular or straight needles.
• One G or H crochet hook.
• Optional: a small circular motif—something between 1.5 and 3 inches in diameter.
Of course bring your usual kit with scissors, tapestry needle, paper and pen for notes, etc.

6. Judy Pascale - BEADED CELL PHONE PURSE (3 hrs.) (Afternoon)

• Skein of fingering weight yarn. Example: Koigu or Cherry Tree Hill sock/fingering weight yarn. Also, JitterBug by Colinette
• Bring Two Size # 2 straight or 24 ” circular needles.
• Stitch Holders
• Two Tubes of # 6 beads 1 bag (200 beads)
• Susan Bates steel crochet hook # 9 / 1.25 mm

Click on the title for directions to the hotel.

Thank you,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

2009 Long Island Fair

Hi everyone! The subject of the Long Island Fair has come up at our last two meetings. It's held at the Old Bethpage Restoration Village every year. This year, it's being held on October 1st to the 4th. I've been to it before and it's lots of fun. There are many exhibits to see, and vendors to check out. It's also nice to walk around the village and see what it was like to live in that time period.

You may enter all sorts of things to the fair. For a copy of the booklet and entry form, click on the title of this post and it will take you directly to the Long Island Fair web site. They are accepting entries on September 29 from 8am to 6:30pm. I am going to try and submit at least one of my knitted objects.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

August Charity Knit Dinner

In August, we had our annual charity knit dinner. We had a total of 295 knitted, crochet, and quilted items. Seeing all of these items on the table was truly an overwhelming experience.

There was a goodie bag for everyone who attended and donated a charity item.

There were also lots of wonderful things donated to our raffle.

Here are some of our members having fun and going through their loot...

This was a wonderful evening. Everyone had lots of fun and I hope that more members are able to join us next year.