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A Look at the Library - August 2009

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Crocheted Shawls, Vogue on the Go Series, c. 2007, is one of those compact books filled with great ideas for creating stoles, triangular shawls, gossamer lace and aran style wraps. There is quite a variety of crochet technique used, resulting in very creative and unusual patterns. I recognized a crocheted stitch that results in a very similar look to the dropped stitch pattern in “the Clapotis”; a Flower Spiral shawlette that resembles “the Swirl”, as well as several very delicate lacey beauties. Many of these patterns that are just knockout gorgeous.

Pursenalies and Pursenalities Plus, by Eva Wiechmann, c. 2004/2006 respectively, are a great team compilation of information about how to machine felt and create a very wide variety of bags. The first in this series explores 20 designs that manipulate color, shape, texture and stitch definition to make some special handbags. Ms. Wiechmann’s sequel take off from that point and adds felted add on embellishments such as flowers, manufactured handles, grommets, rings and chains to create very professional looking accessories. You will even find companion pieces such as cell phone holders, cosmetic cases and make up cases to compliment your creations.

Chic Knits for Young Chics, by Sarah Paulin, c. 2006, was kindly donated to our library by member Patti Paris. This book contains very solid, basic information including advice on combining color and texture; supplies a knitter would want to have access to; information on how to interpret the punctuation in patterns; casting on/finishing/seaming techniques; picking up those dreaded dropped stitches, etc. As the title aptly states, the project styles will likely please the “younger” crowd of novice knitters joining our ranks.

Very Easy Circular Knits, by Betty Barnden, c. 2007, was graciously donated by member Marge Geary. This book is a wonderful introduction into the world of knitting on circular and double pointed needles. The illustrations give meaning to “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In addition, it covers much basic knitting information that is also relevant to flat knitting technique including provisional cast on; picking up stitches; shaping with darts’ short row shaping; cables; Fair Isle; creating traveling lines; and even a stitch dictionary written specifically for knitting in the round. I found this last portion of the book to be extremely valuable since I, for one, am frequently confused when loving a stitch pattern written for flat knitting when what I want to do is knit in circles. The projects include bags, hats, gloves, sweaters, socks and pillows. Enjoy!

Submitted with special thanks to all who have donated books,
Karen Joelson

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