Friday, October 2, 2009

Day of Learning 2009!!

Our 5th Annual Day of Learning was a huge success!
LIKCG members and guests truly enjoyed themselves.
We look forward to next year's event and hope that members that
couldn't make it this year will join next year's fun!!!

A Special Thank you to Judy, Candance, Tatyana, Barbara and Ann
for making this event such an exciting and memorable day!

Judy Pascale - Shapely Shawlette Workshop

Tatyana Mirer - Crocheted Edging Workshop

LYS Vendor, Infinite Yarns, during lunch time

Ann Scheneck, owner of Infinite Yarns helping a customer

Judy Pascale - Beaded Cell Phone/Purse Workshop

Candace Eisner Strick - Ten Things My Mom Never Taught Me Workshop

Candace's Twisting into Texture Workshop

Barbara H. Van Elsen's, Swirls, Twirls & Spirals Workshop

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