Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LIKCG Minutes 01/08/09

Matty opened the meeting by welcoming new member: Lily Weir.

Board Vacancies:

At our last meeting a request was made for a Program Chair, and to date there have been no volunteers from the membership. In view of this, Meryle has volunteered. The floor was opened for other volunteers/nominations, No volunteers came forward thus Meryle was nominated, seconded and voted in as our new Program Chair. Her position as Librarian is vacant and volunteers were requested. Karen Joelson volunteered, was nominated, seconded and voted in as our new Librarian. Congratulations & thanks to Meryle & Karen!

Future Meetings: Important Reminder- February meeting will be Thurs. Feb. 19th (the 3rd Thurs of the month) since the Clubhouse is closed for Lincoln's Birthday. Vogue Editor Carla Scott is our guest for the March 12th meeting. Jack from Lion Brand Yarn is scheduled to be our guest for the June 11.

Matty reminded members to sign up to bring refreshments for upcoming meetings.

Knit Knotes: Matty apologized to the membership for the delay in the January newsletter, and hoped those with email got the meeting reminder in time.

Communications: If a meeting has to be canceled, the board will try to contact members, but members should contact the Clubhouse at 516 898-4650 for closure information. Angela has set up a new email for the Guild-- Also a reminder of our Blog & Ravelry sites where notices can be found: and on Ravelry you will find our “Forum” at

Meeting Plans: There was an extensive discussion and request for ideas from and interest of the membership for upcoming meetings. Possibilities are: “knit along” with everyone working on the same project, ie. cable blocks, socks, sweater, etc., book discussions, and yarn shop reviews. Eileen mentioned a shop in Valley Stream is interested in doing a presentation, Llama farm owner, workshops or mini-classes. 2009 has been declared Year of Natural Fiber, so we will have programs with that in mind. Sheets were passed around to get an idea of members' interest in participating in the above or other activities.

Warm-up Knit: Liz had announcement for Warm-Up Care to Knit Saturday 1/7/09 at 10am at Harbor Fields Library in Greenlawn. Squares will be knit.

Matty halted the business meeting for our delicious PotLuck Dinner after which we resumed for Show & Tell. Thank-you to our members who voluntarily stepped in to help set up the tables with the abundance of wonderful food, and also with clean-up after. Despite the cold night, our attendance was approx. 41, and the dinner was a huge success-Excellent Food!!!

Show & Tell: Susan-Cotton cardigan, Sandy- Icarus lace shawl (interweave press pattern), Sue K -Fair Isle sweater with hand lining, Liz-Cabled hoodie, Linda-Checked mohair sweater, Marlene-Vest (her own design), Tracy-Extra long striped scarf, Meryle-Entrelec felted bag with leather handles, Judy-Luna moth shawl ( pattern), Marian-Potato chip scarf, Marian & Tracy-Entrelec shawls (works in progress), Matty-One sock, the mate is on needles. As always these handcrafted items were beautiful showing much care, creativity and talent.

The meeting was closed by Matty.

Refreshment Reminder for the February 19th Meeting
Beverages: Anjanette Cooper & Meryle Greenberg
Snacks: Sue Klingener & Judy Lambert

Green Knit Knotes Thank You

Thanks to the 55 members that as of January 13th signed up to get the Knit Knotes via email. This will save the Guild $23.00 monthly and $276.00 annually on postage alone (and this does not take into consideration the USPO postage increase of Feb, 09). This extra money can be spent on programs, supplement to Day Of Learning & Charity Dinner, Books or however needed.

Respectfully submitted by Judith Lambert, Recording Secretary.

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