Sunday, January 4, 2009

LIKCG Minutes 12/11/08

The meeting was called to order by Matty.

The first order of business was to inform the members of a meeting cancellation policy. Members can call the clubhouse for cancellation information: 516-868-4650. The board will have a "Call chain" in order to notify members.

Charity Donations: All members with charity donations were asked to give them to the appropriate people. We have knitted approx 80 scarves for the Special Olympics.

Treasurer's Report: Barbara stated that to date, we have 70 paid members. Dues will be $20.00 until 12/31/08, and $25.00 beginning 1/1/09. There is presently $1690.00 in the treasury.

Board Vacancies: Unfortunately Eileen our Newsletter Editor and Jeanmarie our Program Chair have informed us that they will have to step down.

For Newsletter editor, Karen Sharp has volunteered, it was opened to the membership to see if there any others who would like to volunteer for the position. There were no volunteers, thus Karen was nominated, seconded, and voted in as our new Newsletter Editor. Congratulations!

The position of Program Chair was opened to the membership and there were no volunteers. Matty asked that members please think about the position and it will again be brought up at our next meeting. Denise Liebenstein (pardon if your name is incorrect) said that she could help with the mailing if needed.

Greeter/Check-in: We need someone to greet and check-in members/guests, and collect dues at the door. Crystal and Marion volunteered to share this responsibility. Thanks!!!

Potluck Social: Our next meeting on Jan 8, 2009 will start the new year with a Potluck Social!! Please sign up to bring your contribution to our dinner. If you are/were unable to sign up, just bring something on the 8th and enjoy the gathering. Also, please sign up bring refreshments for future meetings. Both sheets will be passed around.

Show & Tell: Lucy-Poncho, Tracy-Striped child's sweater & striped hat, Linda-Sweater & scarf, Joanne-Crochet lap blanket, Joyce- Shawl, Matty-Ribbed cap in Irish colors, Anjanette: SuperChunky vest. All of the projects are works that should make their owners very proud!!!

Matty closed the business meeting and introduced Barbara Kerr who presented :"A-Z of Knitting Tips and Techniques".

Respectfully submitted, Judith Lambert, Recording Secretary

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